Welcome to Born Again Badjao Church. Helping the poor Badjaos through food, medical, dental & educational aid. Join us & make a difference.

Recent Mission Updates & News

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Revival Among the Badjao Children

In December, 2001, the Holy Spirit visited 220 Badjao children. Revival took place and people begin to get saved and healed. The news spread to different parts of the Philippines and even as far as Taiwan, Australia and the United States. Check the video here to see for yourself.

700 Club Asia

Born Again Badjao in 700 Club Asia

A documentary coverage featured in 700 Club Asia on the life of Badjaos and the Born Again Badjao Church in Batangas City, how they were transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Send The Children To School

Badjaos are the most illiterate people in the Philippines. We invite you to take the challenge of sending a Badjao child to school with only $10 per month or $100 per year.