We are a mission church to Badjaos, an Islam ethic group living along the coastline of Batangas City, Philippines. Our mission is to reach out to the Badjaos and let them experience the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The church started last Dec 14, 1999 when God sent an independent missionary couple to minister to the Badjao people living on the island of Malitam near the coast of Batangas City. Ps. Albert and Sis. Ellen Santiago have lived with the Badjaos for more than 15 years now preaching the Gospel through providing love, care, education, medical help, food and assisting in every way to help the people. Many times their lives were endangered with sickness, disease, death threat and opposition from outside and within the Badjao tribe, accidents, yet the church has grown strong through the years and have produced strong Christian leaders among the tribe.

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Visions And Goals

This ministry is birth through faith and years of hard work among the Badjaos. Our vision and goals are that they too can become a blessing to the nation and other people. Together we can fulfill these God-given visions through your prayers and support.
1. The Born again Badjao church to become a missionary-sending church to their own people’s group and other tribal community in the Philippines and other nations.

2. This community will become a discipleship and church planting training center for ethnic Badjaos and others.

3. To raise more Badjao ministry workers, tent makers, community developers and missionaries to reach cross cultural tribes, nations and other ethnic groups.

Albert and Elenita Santiago

Senior Missionaries and Pastors
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The missionaries,  Pastor Alberto Santiago  and his wife Sis. Elenita , were called by God to go and minister to the Badjaos in Batangas  in the year 2000.

Pastor Santiago was pastoring a church for 13 years  in  Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines  when the Lord called him and his wife to become missionaries. He was then the Senior Pastor of International Baptist Church then Jesus Christ Lord of Glory Christian Church. They studied missions in Living Springs International in Butuan City.

Their first mission exposure was among the Igorots and Ifugaos Of Mt. Province and church planting in Baguio City.  And later on December 14, 2000, they finally answered the call of God to bring the gospel to the Badjao tribe who are migrants in Batangas, Philippines.

By the year 2005,  their daughter  Maritess,  followed God’s calling to also be a missionary to join her parents.  She was then an owner/administrator of her own school in Bulacan which she gave up to serve the Lord among the Badjaos.

The missionaries set up their home among the people of the tribe. They learned the life and culture of the Badjaos so that they can bring the Gospel to them.

Maritess Santiago

Missionary, Administrator, Trainer

Maritess followed God’s calling in 2005 to be a missionary to the Badjao tribe and joined her parents, Pastors Albert and Elenita Santiago. She holds a degree in B.S. Psychology and also owner/administrator of a school located in Bulacan. She gave up her school when she answered the call of God in her life.

She now serves as an administrator and leader trainer in the Badjao tribe. She also serves as the Operations Manager in Frontline Services Philippines, a foundation of Connect City Church Australia.