Loan Workshops

The Badjao Community Livelihood Cooperative Program (BCLCP), which started last December 13, 2013 has been able to help seventy-two (72) families. Many of the Badjaos live on begging in the streets, markets and university fronts. They are given an opportunity to start with a capital for their vending business. The program is also able to help Badjao children so that they can go to school. As of June, 2014, 60 students are supported through this program and as a result, many Badjao parents are challenged to have their children be under the program when they saw that BABC graduates and professionals are now working in abroad. The finances are provided by Frontline Foundation of Connect City Church in Melbourne, Australia in partnership with ACCI-Australia.

Loan SeminarWorkshops are conducted to understand the priority needs of the Badjaos before extending the loans. Applicant seminars are conducted to ensure that everybody understands the value/purpose of this program, the rules and policies, the expectations of payments, how to grow their small scale business and others. Additional seminars are conducted for later applicants.


Loan-Screening Borrowers go through a proper screening/checking and orientation before they can borrow the cash needed. Above is the Credit Committee screening the loan applications.


Loan Orientation Before applying for loans, orientation of borrowers is conducted by Pastor Albert Santiago where they are briefed about the nature of their loans and the payment expectations.

Borrower account bookOfficial account passbook is issued to individual borrowers to track their loans.

Cash-VouchersAnd cash vouchers are issued to the borrowers when they received their loans.