The revival in the Badjao tribe started among the Badjao children. Prayer meetings were held everyday, every night and will last till midnight.

The Badjaos are afraid of the dark, children and adults alike. They are afraid of the dark because of the pangoa which appear only at night. The “pangoa” are night creatures that suck blood from humans. The tagalogs and visayans call it “aswang”. They claimed they saw such creatures lurking at night. It is the reason why the Badjaos make their stairs in the house, detachable and their houses have only one window. At night, they close their window and remove their stairs, believing that the pangoa will not be able to come up to their houses without the stairs.

When the revival broke out in the tribe, the children stay in the prayer meetings every night till midnight. It is amazing that the children were no longer afraid to walk their way home at midnight. The next day, the children testified that the reason why they were not afraid anymore is that on their way home every night, they see angels along side the way telling them, “ Continue in your faith. Do not give up.”. The angels seem to protect them, the children said. Since then the fear of the Lord began to scatter among the badjaos…. That the Lord is more powerful than the pangoa. The Lord can save them from the fear of darkness.