Manna is a special bread from heaven. It is literally translated, “angels’ food”. The Badjao’s staple food is cassava.

One day, food became scarce in the community. Even the missionaries had no food. Gathering all the believers in the prayer meeting, the people and the missionaries prayed to God to send them food. They claimed the miracle of manna in the Old Testament, when God sent manna to the Israelites every morning on their journey to the Promised Land. The believers claimed, “ Higit pa dito ang ibibigay sa amin ng Panginoon.”

The next morning, to the amazement of the community, each household found a pack of pandesal under their houses. “Who could have brought these bread?” the missionaries asked. There is no bakery in the tribe. The Badjaos don’t eat pandesal because they can’t afford it. Every household got food that day and every one rejoiced as to how the Lord blessed them with “manna” from heaven — the pandesals.