Aiza was then a five years old child. Her mother’s name is Malou. One day Aiza got sick of an unknown illness. It got so bad, Aiza became delirious. She wasn’t moving anymore, her lips pale and her skin bluish. She was almost dead when her mother brought her to the missionaries’ home. Pastor Albert and sis Ellen brought the child in the house. Pastor Albert asked God what to do with Aiza… and God told him.. “Blow on the child’s face two times and say, “live in the name of Jesus!” “.

Pastor Albert obeyed the voice of the Lord, but blew only once on the girl’s face. The girl moved her eyelids. Then Pastor Albert heard the Lord saying, “Blow two times!”. Pastor Albert abruptly blew on the face of the girl twice……. The girl Aiza opened her eyes and smiled at the pastor. The bluish black color of her skin slowly faded away as she began to breath.

Aiza’s mother was happy and everyone thanked Jesus for bringing her to life. Now Aiza is a young lady, continuing her faith on the Lord.


Aiza is the girl with a necklace. One of the recipients of our educational program for the Badjao tribe. She is not a Badjao, her parents are Tagalogs but she and her family attend the worship service in the tribe’s Christian church.