It was four in the afternoon of August 24, 2000, the missionary Pastor Albert was teaching a badjao how to properly plant cassava, which is Badjao’s staple food, a war within the tribe broke out between the three (3) clans living in the community. Everyone were holding kris, bolos and weapons, ready to kill each other. Seeing what is happening for the first time, Pastor Albert didn’t know what to do – will he go in the middle of the fight and speak to the warring clans? Or just pray?

Pastor Albert chose to pray and asked God what to do. The Lord spoke to his heart that he must stand in the midst of the warring clans and speak out loud—“ Stop in the name of Jesus!”

The warring clans stopped and silence broke out…… then Pastor Albert said, “ Your problems will be settled. Don’t worry.”

Two clan leaders approached Pastor Albert…. Kissed his hands and left silently.

(Kiss on the hand is a sign of respect and acceptance to the Badjaos. )

The next day, a tribal meeting occur, the missionaries were called to sit in the meeting. This is the first miracle the missionaries were waiting from God — that they will be able to talk with the tribe.

The missionaries were given the opportunity to talk to the tribe’s people and the tribal leaders. They were able to talk about their purpose in coming to the tribe. They didn’t talk about bringing the gospel readily, but talk about their concern about the community’s health and sanitation, feeding and education. The tribe accepted the missionaries Pastor Albert and Sis. Ellen Santiago to the community. They also expressed their cooperation to the goals and purpose of the missionaries. This is the beginning the missionaries were waiting for. But daily, every morning and night, the missionaries never stopped praying , declaring spiritual revival in the seven (7) strategic places of the island, and saying to God, “ Oh Lord, we are not asking for money or fame but only the souls of these people.”

So the Lord made His first demonstration of His power in the Badjao tribe.