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Holy Spirit Revival Among the Badjao Children

Holy Spirit

In December, 2001, the Holy Spirit visited 220 Badjao children. Revival took place and people begin to get saved and healed. The news spread to different parts of the Philippines and even as far as Taiwan, Australia and the United States. Check the video here to see for yourself.

Born Again Badjao in 700 Club Asia

700 Club Asia

A documentary coverage featured in 700 Club Asia on the life of Badjaos and the Born Again Badjao Church in Batangas City, how they were transformed by the power of Jesus Christ.

“MANNA? … Ha ha ha”

As God provided manna for the whole nation of Israel in the desert, God also miraculously provided food for His Badjao children. See how this happened.

Angels on the Wayside

The revival in the Badjao tribe started among the Badjao children. Prayer meetings were held everyday, every night and will last till midnight. The Badjaos are afraid of the dark, children and adults alike. They are afraid of the dark because of the pangoa which appear only at night. The “pangoa” are night creatures that […]

Twister Alert

One afternoon, while everyone in the community was busy with their lives, a twister arose from the sea and was heading to the direction of the community. The Badjaos panicked. It was a big twister, it can destroy all the houses in the island. The missionaries went to the shore and started praying to the […]

The Eyes of Kelizani

Kelizani is a Badjao. His left eye was blind since birth. He attended the prayer meeting held daily by the Badjao children. He wanted to see so he will not be teased by other Badjaos. One night, when he attended the prayer meeting, the missionaries and the children prayed for Kelizani’s eyes to see. Alas! […]

Saved From Death

Aiza was then a five years old child. Her mother’s name is Malou. One day Aiza got sick of an unknown illness. It got so bad, Aiza became delirious. She wasn’t moving anymore, her lips pale and her skin bluish. She was almost dead when her mother brought her to the missionaries’ home. Pastor Albert […]